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Scientific examination of technology in CSRIMF 

Bench tests of Forsan ® Industrial technology on the engine such as 2Ч8,5 have shown the following results: 
 Effective power has increased on 8,3..8,8 %
 The smoke of final gases has decreased on 30 %, contents of CO - on 30,76 %, contents of CH - on 28,84 %
 The charge of fuel has decreased on 4,8 %
 Deterioration CPG and bearings has decreased
 Condensation of the complete set of rings of the chamber of combustion has increased on 1,89 %
Forsan ® Industrial technology is recommended for application in systems of cylinder greasing of ship diesel engines.

Victor Chechet, is the expert in the field of automobile systems diagnostic, Cand.Tech.Sci., the senior lecturer of faculty of operation of automobile and tractor park:
Autotransport enterprises, involved in tests, had a motor-vehicle pool with average deterioration from 50 % and higher. It’s the reason of identical problems, for supersize automobiles for example: 
 The overexpenditure of gasoline (up to 1,5-2 tons one year)
 The big charge of oil (1,5 litres and are higher / 1000 km)
 The increased toxicity of an exhaust (excess of norm in 2-3 times)
 Problems with start-up of the engine during winter time (on diesel engines already at 10 degrees below zero)
 Loss of capacity of the engine (up to 15-20 %)
All parameters (a compression in cylinders, capacity, the charge, toxicity …) started to be leveled and come nearer to passport sizes after application of Forsan ® technology. Unpleasant noise and importunate vibration was reduced to 30-40 %. The smoke has sharply decreased. Thus a resource of details it is appreciable grew - the quantity of off-schedule repair work was reduced. Winter start-up passed without problems at temperature up to 35 degrees below zero.